About Me


            I am an award-winning journalist with 30-plus years of experience, young enough for the next adventure but old enough to put it in some perspective. I am a current frequent contributor to Barron’s and Institutional Investor, past contributor to Fortune, Forbes and many other business publications.

            I live now between New York and Asheville, NC, was previously based in Moscow (seven years) and London (five years). I speak Russian and continue to be fascinated by the passion of post-Soviet history, even in its present somewhat dire phase.  I study emerging markets as the clearest window into human evolution, and also because I’m a bit too old to hitchhike around the world anymore.

            I have been on staff at II, Bloomberg News, and a few other places, but free-lance for most of my career.  That makes me flexible to all sorts of clients, and eager to entertain any reasonable professional proposition.  You can contact me at craig.mellow@gmail.com